Do you like nerf?

Well how about nerf spying!

by Luca Pisapia

Nerf spies are more than what you think . They are the ones that find out what the other team is doing . And there are so much cool things out there that you can learn . So I made this website so I can help you on being a...


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Mountain View


Mountain View

There is all sorts of courses of spying. one thing you can do is to start a nerf fight! how you do that is to take out a nerf gun that shoots hard. why that is because the person won't care if its not hard. but if it is hard,the person will want to get revenge on you but make shore he or she likes nerf.

Heres a trick,when your in the middle of a battle,you always wan'na keep moving.So what that means is,when your hiding,keep moving.Or else,the next thing you know,the person will find you,hit you,then your out.