nerf spying

Nerf spying is the most important thing for a nerf fight. It can help your team win!

One thing you can do is get 2 walkie talkies and a rubber band.You wrap the rubber band around the button that you hold when you talk into it.then, the nerf spy sneaks it into the enemy base.

Now your team knows what the other teams plan is and what they're doing.Now your teams plan is to just ruin the other teams plan.

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In order to be a nerf spy, you have to be sneaky,you have to have skill and you have to know everything you just learned about.

A nerf spy has be good at hiding and has to sneak up to the other team as close as he or she can with out being caught.

during battle,the nerfspy also has to be the closes one to the other team to get more people out and has to tell people on the team where to go or if they're in danger.

A nerfspy can be the main protector of the team too.

If the nerfspy does he or she's job correctly,he or she will be the last one on the battiefeild because he or she never got shot.