A good way to not to get shot but to shoot the other guy out is to reload shoot huddle back into your hiding place reload and shoot again.

Another good stratagy is to sneak up on the other team and shoot them when they're not looking.

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When your hiding, you should always make plan. But make sure you think through your plan before you use it.

A nerf spy always knows he or she's next move.

Always keep an eye on the other team so you know where they are and you to hide.

If the other team finds you, run the oppisite direction from them until you lose them then find another hiding place.

If you are out of ammo, stay in a hiding place. When you think the coast is clear, quikly collect more ammo.

make sure that the hiding place you're in has enough room so you can shoot. If not, quikly move to another hiding place.